Defensible Space Assistance Program Application

El Dorado County Fire Safe Council Application for Defensible Space Assistance Program For Seniors, Veterans or Those with Low Income
If the landowner is not the resident of the home having defensible space development or maintenance work, the owner will sign and agrees to the attached Owner Consent form. This form must be returned to EDCFSC before an evaluation can be done.

When Defensible Space Clearing is completed on your property, there will be excess vegetation left behind. Please select what you would like to be done with the leftover vegetation:
* We do not haul vegetation away. If there is excess vegetation, we will automatically pile it for burning unless told otherwise. If you selected ‘Stacked for our Chipping Program’, please note you must apply on our Chipping Application AFTER Defensible Space Clearing has been completed in order to have piles chipped.
By signing this agreement, you affirm that you are financially and physically unable to develop defensible space around your residence.
If applicant is unable to fill out this form, name of person submitting on behalf of the applicant: